“How to Hear Your Angels” – A BOOK REVIEW

“How to Hear Your Angels” By Doreen Virtue PhD ISBN 978-1-4019-1705-0

This book is available at the Auckland Public Libraries NZ.

Many people think only of mental illness when discussing hearing of voices. But there are many sectors of our international community that actively seek, and enjoy the experience of hearing voices. Their voices are seen as helpful guides offering inspirational advice upon their life paths. Doreen Virtue is one of these people. She has written many books on her experiences of talking to and seeing Angels, in fact a quick tally at the front of this book lists 31 of them.

I was reading this book when I read of Shane Fishers story in the newspaper ( see below) who was hospitalised for talking and hearing his angels, it seemed appropriate to post a review. Important to validate his belief that one can talk to an angel. It seemed ironic while some seek ways to get rid of voices, Doreen Virtue is selling books teaching people to be able to hear voices. One student complains that she can only hear a few words at a time. But by the end of the course, she is having full conversations with her angels and is very releived.

This book is a good comprehensive guide. Doreen is a Clairvoyant and was also once a psychotherapist. As such her book also touches on clairvoyant experiences and mentions receiving messages from beloved ones that have passed on. She has many techniques of discernment, which is an important key to dealing with voices.  There is a brief overview of what and who the different angels are, and what “areas” they each specialise in.

Here is her description of Angel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon’s name means “brother”, because like Archangel Metatron he was once a human prophet (Elijah) who ascended in angeldom. Sandalphon is the archangel of Music and prayer. He assists the Archangel Michael to clear away fear and the effects of fear (with music). Put on some soothing music and call upon him to dispel any spiritual confusion.

Interestingly anyone who deals with those that are distressed by their voices will testify that listening to music is one of the main coping strategies first used.

As a clairvoyant she has a chapter on talking to the deceased, and another on messages from children in heaven. This all very light mainly positive uplifting reading. She is of the opinion that all those that have passed on are more uplifted and of a good disposition looking young and happy without the troubles of earth life. This varies from views sometimes expressed by other mediums. Maori people often report seeing an angry ancestor, if there is some transgression of tapu. Some spirits present themselves as the way they appeared at the time of death so that the clairvoyant has more information to give to the deceased. Buddhists beleive that sometimes spirits can become confused and loss. She does mention lower energies, though to be fair, and does have some techniques with dealing with it, or at least differentiating from the higher energies.

 Her advice on how to “know” if it is the angels- is good advice for all who hear voices. There is a  practical guide to differentiate between the good and the bad. Here are only a few of her points that I selected to give you a brief idea. Her list is much fuller and comprehensive.

ANGELS:involving FEELINGS: feel warm and cuddly like a Hug;makes you feel safe even if warning of danger; feel like someone is touching your head, hair or shoulder;

             involving THOUGHTS: be positive and empowering; involve you taking some human steps and doing some work; Ring true and makes sense; Be consistent with your natural talents and interests.

             involving HEARING: The voice is loving and positive even if warning you of danger; you may hear your voice being called upon awakening; You might receive a message about self improvement or helping others; The voice is to the point and blunt.

She also lists points for

FALSE GUIDANCE: Be discouraging an abusive, consists of depressing or frightening thoughts; Seem hollow and ill conceived, Be unrelated to anything you’ve previously done or been interested in.

The Hearing Voices Network, however see abusive voices can indeed be a guide( not an angelic one) but a pointer perhaps to the wounds in our spirits that have not yet healed. When we can see these too as loving entities in their strange way, often the healing we need occurs.

We do agree that discerning the positive from the negative is important. One of the HVN techniques for successfully coping with the voices is asking the positive ones to help you to cope with the bad ones. The angel book as such would be a good pointer on how to bring the positive uplifting ones forward.

If you do have clairvoyant abilities this book has good pointers on identifying spirits and their messages, such as hearing a song in your head, a smell associated with them, a feeling/ knowing of the person.

It includes some techniques for psychic protection and for cleansing “psychic debris” from your energy. There are some guided meditations , and some clear visualisation exercises. One of the discernment techniques suggested in the how to recognise and receive guidance section was to keep a journal, so that you could accurately assess the guidance and ideas received. This is something at the HVN we suggest for voice hearers, so they can sort out the helpful from the unhelpful.

I found the book well written, clearly laid out, uplifting and positive in nature. It addressed many issues around the hearing of voices, no doubt due to her informed background. She included some research , was thorough and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the subject of angels, or divine communications.

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