We believe that hearing voices is a normal variation of human experience. It is estimated that between 3-5 % of the population hear voices, yet less than 1% are ever diagnosed with an illness. Through our groups and research collated by INTERVOICE, we know that the content is often the same. The difference is in how the voice hearer deals with them. We bring together voice hearers to discuss what they have in common. So that voice hearers who are well can share their stories and ideas with those that are distressed by the experience. People have always heard voices and had visions, since time began. We believe that hearing voices in itself is not an illness. If you would like to attend a support group and find out more, they are listed below.

In New Zealand we are an Independent society, and a registered charity.


When: Every second Wednesday   ( i.e every 2 weeks)

AT:  Sturges West Community Center , 58 Summerland Road, Henderson

Time: 7pm -8.30pm.

for the dates of the next meeting or call Adrienne on 0272650266 for more information.

  This is an informal open group, where we share discussions over cake and coffee. All voice hearers and friends are welcome. It is a confidential meeting, run as per the Hearing Voices Networks guidelines. We respect that each person is the expert on their own experiences. We encourage those that come to learn more about the experience and share research and general information.

Whariki Whaiora and Family/ Whanau Service, 54 Carruth Rd, Papatoetoe.

For more information tel: Richard 022 649 8927


Realities is a new group supporting people who experience, or who have experienced, living in a different reality to others.

It provides a safe place to discuss realities, without judgement.

Your reality may include altered sensory experience- (“voices” (audial), visual, smell, taste, touch).  It may include spiritual experience and heightened awareness.  It may be that you have a different take on life than others.  There may be other ways you interpret reality differently

The meetings often allocate time for a nominated group member to describe their experience.They are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at:

James Smiths Building

Cnr. Cuba/ Manners Street

1st Floor (upstairs) – Ace Hq

We would appreciate a $2 contribution to cover room hire. Call Dennis at: 0220727147 if you have any questions.


To get next date, please email, or annescott63@gmail.


If there is no group in your area log on to facebook and join our facebook group for a discussion.

Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ facebook group

The International Hearing Voices organisation Intervoice also have a facebook page see here:

Intervoice Facebook Page


Our website also has a link to the hearing voices forum.

If you are interested in starting a hearing voices support group in your area, please email us at



23 thoughts on “SUPPORT GROUPS

    • If you hear voice, you are not sick. You are a solder for God!! @ night. We won! We are going to the stars.

      I have Proof
      Perpetual energy

      Ronald Ficker
      Supreme Commander


  1. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!


  2. To all Solders, I am proud of every one of you!!! Most of us carry heavy scars and lost legs, face disfigurement, my Solders carry many bad burns.
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    Very good job indeed……Stop by as soon as possible, all the beer, drinks and feast is on me. We will have a smile on are face for eternity….

    Ronald Ficker


  3. Actually we really are solder during the day and when we are up. That is when we generally get hurt or killed by them clouding are minds and putting up with there verbal harassment.


  4. I juanjohn Ramos aka johnny i have started to hear voices about 16 to 25 years know.. it have cause so much problums and this pain that i go threw is notthing nice.. i am seeking mental health to rehilabtate to function so that i can work and not hurt anyone or self.. because of this im liveing on the streets.. for the past 6 months know.. please give in info wheree i can goto meeting and seek info to deal with this problum of mine


  5. I am looking for a man named Juanjohn T. Ramos born in February of 1969 regarding information involving his family. Please contact me if you are this Juanjohn.


  6. Very interesting reading. I am a nurse working in Dunedin NZ at the SDHB in psychoeducation. I have been following the ideas related to hearing voices for quite a few years. I run a recovery of spirit group [amongst many others] that leaves the door open to what exactly is occuring. I needed to read and learn a lot more before venturing into setting up a living with voices psychoed process. Does any one know if there is a current hearing voices support group in Dunedin? I have spoken with Debrah Lampshire and have access to pointers from her experience in Auckland. All good. But I want to ground anything I do in the lived experience. I’d love to talk to anyone local about what would be most useful before I plug to far in on my own or just with other staff. I’ve got good information from the Romme / Escher books, Richmond Fellowship and intervoice but…it needs to link with a living breathing beings experience of distress from voice hearing. Thanks. Catherine


  7. Hi there, Is there a hearing voices group in Nelson and if not is their anyone on this site from Nelson who maybe interested in starting one.
    Pauline Nevin


    • Hi, I’m not sure if there is, but I would be interested in starting one. I am not a voice hearer but am a support worker for Mental Health Support Services. I have been interested in trying to get a voice hearers group going in nelson. I also think it would be great to try and get Debra Lampshire from Auckland to come and make some kind of presentation, open to the public. She was interested a couple of years ago, but funding was an issue


      • Hi Ian clarkson,
        Thanks for your reply. Somehow I have only jyst managed to view this. My work email is I coordinate COMPASS Peer Support and Advcacy service. Would love to chat to you about getting a group off the ground and I may have some funding options. I don’t know Debra Lampshire but am aware of Arana Pearson’s work through Keepwell Ltd. It would be good to compare them as I think lunching a group would be best done through workshops and public meeting from people like these. I look forward to hearing from you


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