What is happening next few days?


Listen out tomorrow for Lorna Murray, the co-chairperson of the Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ, will be speaking on various topics, one of which is hearing voices- on the PlanetFM radio show in Auckland at 12.30pm with Sheldon Brown.  The number to tune your radio into is 104.6 FM.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed it, or aren’t in Auckland, as the show is usually posted on the Like Minds Like US website in the next few days afterwards.



The HVN support group in Auckland is meeting at Te ATA 146 Lincoln Rd, Henderson Auckland On Wednesday 5th November 7pm till 8.30pm. There are only a few more meetings this year before we break for the holidays- 5th and 19th November, 3rd December 2008.

All welcome.


The INTERVOICE MEETING is being held in Perth Australia this week. Hosted by the Richmond Fellowship. People from all around the world, from many different Hearing Voices Networks are meeting to discuss “Voices and the Emotions.” We would like to wish everyone a pleasant stay in Perth, and look forward to hearing all the reports of the discussions later.  For more information click on HVN Perth or Intervoice website address in the links section of this page.

One thought on “What is happening next few days?

  1. Thanks for the post. It’s great to see coverage of this important people info.

    If you’d like a taste of the Perth conference. I have done an interview with Perth advocate and educator Lyn MAHBOUB on the conference here and the problem of people being “diagnosed” as schizophrenic.

    You can hear the interview by clicking on the audio link on the lower left of my website http://serve.tony.googlepages.com/home

    I’ll be back on air at 6PR from xmas eve, maybe we could chat live host to host?

    Thanks for raising the voices of those hearing voices.

    cheers form perth – tony serve,
    skype – perthones


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