This World Hearing Voices Day we are holding an event called

Wonderful ways for Wellbeing.HVN Flyer Final Cut

Held at the Grey Lynn Library Hall, we will have a collection of nonmedical ways of increasing the wellbeing of those who experience Voices and Visions in the community.

We will have stands, so you can talk personally, but will also have presentations and demonstrations on the half hour and hour, to explain and entertain.

This includes

Toi Ora- Live Arts- Creativity inspiring Wellness

Hearing Voices Network Support group facilitators

Sue Spurling Homeopath

Sandie Gates- Nutritionist

Brigitte Sistig, Researcher, Psychotherapist and Yoga instructor

Les Slade and Richard Gray- Spiritual and Intuitive healing and Reiki

Edna Heled- Dance therapist.

Liz Hart- Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.

So come along and be informed. You asked for other ways to stay well, and so this is your chance to learn about some of them.

FREE EVENT- Sponsored by the ASB communities trust.

10am to 3.30PM

SEE YOU THERE- Behind the Grey Lynn Library, Great North Road, Parking is limited.


The Kundalini Syndrome- an interview with Dr Ingo Lambrecht on Radio NZ

Dr Ingo Lambrecht, Clinical Psychologist and Hearing Voices Network Supporter was interviewed last night on Radio New Zealands Nights show, talking about the “Kundalini Syndrome.”

In this very interesting interview Dr Lambrecht discusses how  some spiritual practices can trigger off an energy reaction  he terms “the Kundalini Syndrome” – which can cause the person to start hearing voices and having visions. He also talks a bit about hearing voices in general.

 To listen to the podcast on Radio New Zealands Website- click here
Dr Lambrecht, has also provided the Hearing Voices Network website with an article entitled “Shamans as expert voice hearers.” which you can see here on our website