The fragrance of an Angel and Helpful voices.

I am currently going through all my Aromatherapy notes and books as I am preparing for my presentation on Aromatherapy for Hearing Voices at our September 18th 2010 seminar ( see our website  In mental health circles, seeing or hearing angels is usually considered delusional. Yet in many circles, many sane and respected people report similar occurences and often write about it. The difference of course is that they lead successful lives.

Here is an excerpt from a book called ” The Fragrant Heavens” By Valerie Worwood. I met Valerie when she came to New Zealand many years ago to hold an Aromatherapy workshop. She is a veritable aromatherapy expert and very well regarded in her field. 

 Pg 102

Some people believe in Angels because they have seen them, even in some cases before their eyes beheld them. Other people believe in angels because they have heard their voices, or smelt their sweet fragrances and known they were near. When these things happen, there is no turning back… you believe in angels…

… I met an angel twenty years ago and so have no doubt they exist. The light and peace that angels emanate is so profoundly different from anything on earth, it s impossible to confuse it with everyday reality. The light I saw was an overwhelming luminescence, shining in rays from every pore of the figure, who was beautiful  in the extreme. The sense of peace that settled upon me was amazing and it was alive in every molecule of my being…

… I know I have been helped many times by angelic beings, like when driving along, one whispered ‘pull over’ in my ear – which allowed me to avoid a collision and turned out to be excellent advice.

On experience I’m particularly grateful for happened on holiday some years ago. A group of us were sitting on a beach which was some distance away. The red flag was up, and we’d been advised that the sea was dangerous that day. With my three-year old playing with friends and their parents nearby, I lay on my front put my head on my arms and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by a voice that said just one word “Sea”. It was  not a loud voice, nor a particularly insistent one, but it had me on my feet in an instant and flying like the wind to the seashore. I reached the water just as an enormous wave poised itself over my little girl, who stood there watching the watery crest above her, oblivious to the danger. I grabbed her in my arms, pulled her away, and thanked the voice from the bottom of my heart.

I’m inclined to think an angel whispered into my ear, rather than it being intuition, because I have seen a shining being standing in my own living room and that wasn’t intuition! Angels are very physical when they want to be and very etheric when they want to be. They straddle the two universes. This experiencing of them accords with the current theological position which, according to Canon Emeritus of Ely Cathedral, describes angels as ‘spiritual beings intermediate between God and mankind’… Pope John Paul II has stated that angels do exist and that they ‘have a fundamental role to play in unfolding of human events’.

pg 105

…Angels have a fragrance which in my experience at least, precedes their ‘appearance’ , or remains after they ‘disappear’. Perhaps the fragrance was also there when I actually saw the angel, but was ‘cut out’ as my senses focused intently on the vision in front of me. I tried really hard to remember each visual detail, and was mesmerised by what appeared to be wings. Each ‘feather’ seemed to be a center or vortex of energy made up of light – the spine in particular being a source of great light-yet also a route to the infinite, while each delicate strand coming off it was a chain made up of many sparkling lights. Each sparkle on each strand had its own energy field, and together they made the form of a superluminous ‘feather’, which was less a material feather than an arrangement of light in a feather shape. The overall effect was extremely powerful and ‘awe inspiring.

I’ve found the fragrance of angels elusive in the sense that it seems to have no source. It just suddenly appears and suffuses the whole body and mind. I can recall two aromas quite distinctly, neither of which I have encountered before. One was fairly similar to a heavy , deep, rose maroc. The other was a light fragrance that was sweet and floralish, but not just floral, also a resin- imagine frankincense as a flower but without the same aroma. Sometimes I will smell and angel without seeing one, and I know it’s the fragrance of angels because it’s so pervading and fills my nose even to the point that I feel I can’t inhale any longer.

After such powerful aromatic experiences I always have a good look and sniff around to see if there was any other possible source for the phenomenon. I check my clothes for perfume; my essential oil store for any open bottles or spills; I sniff all the plants and flowers; and run through my mind who has been in the house, possibly wearing scent; but no source for the strange scent has ever been found. Others in the house have smelt it too- and the mystery remains long after the fragrance has gone.” 

I think it is important to know that – sane people can hear voices and experience other beings, and tactile sensations and also that there are also good voices. For people who hear only distressing voices this can be a source of comfort.

Healthy Choices for Living with Voices- September 18th

We are pleased to advise that we are holding a seminar to celebrate Hearing Voices day. This year our theme is on Healthy choices. At the Hearing Voices Network we like to encourage Voice hearers to empower themselves. To find out what makes their voices better and what makes them worse.  We have three speakers to share some simple ways to help us to live with voices. To ease some of the challenges faced by people that hear distressing voices and to enhance their wellbeing so they feel stronger and better able to cope. Our research shows that often well voice hearers experience many of the same things as unwell voice hearers.  The difference? Their ability to cope with their experiences. They often have many more coping strategies than distressed voice hearers. Often these strategies combine physical, mental and spiritual strategies. After all we are not just a head. We are complex integrated body systems. To follow are the details of the event. You can also download a flier from our website

When we are faced with an obstacle in our lives, often we look for one big step that will help, in reality it is usually many small steps that are required.

The Hearing Voices Network are celebrating


                     We are pleased to present an afternoon of        


 The Hearing Voices Network have some wonderful speakers to share their knowledge and experience on simple ways we can choose to help ourselves to live and cope with voices

Ayurvedic Medicine                                       
DR PRIYA PUNJABI : is a practitioner in Ayurvedic medicine. She will talk about the Ayurvedic perspective and therapies that may increase wellness for those that hear voices.


ADRIENNE GIACON-  is an experienced Aromatherapist- has taught and lectured on Aromatherapy, is the secretary and  faciltated the support group at Te Ata for four years for the HVNANZ. She will share how to use Aromatherapy to help with the many symptoms and issues that Voice hearers often experience.

 Food and Mood
 ADRIENNE GRACE- is trained in nutrition, natural therapies and counselling. She will speak on “Food and mood, drawing on her own experiences and research on how what we eat can affect the way we feel and behave. Adrienne has facilitated many workshops to consumers and mental health providers



Bring a plate with something nutritional and healthy for everyone to taste and try.  The food with the most votes wins.
1st Prize $50.00, 2nd Prize   $30.00, 3rd Prize $20.00


When: Saturday 18th September 2010         Time:  1.00pm until 4.00pm

Where: Grey Lynn Library Hall. Next to Grey Lynn Library, Great North Rd, AUCKLAND.

Entry:  free, please bring a plate. You may want to enter our competition above.

BOOKINGS & INFO: Call Adrienne at 027 265 0266<!– var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy27684 = 'info' + '@'; addy27684 = addy27684 + 'hearingvoices' + '.' + 'org' + '.' + 'nz'; document.write( '‘ ); document.write( addy27684 ); document.write( ” ); //\n // > // –>  Sponsored by the  ASB Community Trust.      
Please note we require bookings as space is not infinite- within the hall anyway…