Narrative Medicine and Remapping your Mind with Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy

We are excited that our Lewis Mehl-madrona MD PHD ( in neuroscience) & Barbara Mainguy MA workshops kick off on Monday at Massey West Auckland!
We would like to say a big thanks to Lewis & Barbara for kindly donating their time for these workshops free of charge to the Hearing Voices Network, which has helped make this possible.
Some voice hearers have asked me if they have to get up and speak in front of everyone. I have told them, that it is their choice as to what they do or don’t say. The HVN acknowledge that we can be a shy bunch, so please don’t worry about that. Some people learn more from listening. Others like to jump on in.
 As always we ask that everything said in the workshops be confidential, and re-iterate that this is about providing new tools and ideas for voice hearers and others to better manage and understand the experience, and find interesting ways that may assist to live with the experiences.
We still have places left if you get in quick.
Prices are
$10 for anyone with experience of voices and visions and whanau ( all- not just unwaged)
$50 for students, or only $30 if a group booking of 5 or more
$100 general, $80 if accompanying a voice hearer. Group booking of $70 and $60 respectively if over 5 people.
If you cant afford the fee, give me a call and maybe we can do a deal, rather than have someone miss out on these learnings.
Workshops in Massey, Manukau, Whangarei and Russell.
Just email me, or tel 027265 0266 to book.
Just a quote before I go:

So if you aren’t getting anywhere , doing what you are doing, maybe it is time to see what else you could do? Try a new neural pathway, it may lead to where you best need to go.
Adrienne Giacon

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