I can hear voices in my head blog

I can hear voices in my head blog

This is a blog by NZ writer and Voice hearer Jeannette Moore. Excellent content. Here is an excerpt from this post:

It is important to know what part of the experience of hearing voices is a delusion. The fact that God is inside us, we are able to hear his voice, and he is able to control our bodies is not the delusion. The dreams, delusions and hallucinations are given to us by him so we can learn, they are teaching tools that he uses. In order to cast away the lies about how the world works, and to see God for who he is, we actually live our false beliefs and lies, he makes them real for us, so we can look at them. Then he growls at us and helps us re-evaluate our thoughts, until we find the truth. Once we find the truth, we find we fit into the real world again, but we also know the one true God and we know that he knows us. Life is better if you give up your addictions too. I’d highly recommend it for peace of mind.

4 thoughts on “I can hear voices in my head blog

  1. not sure voices come from God why would he drive us to the edge of insanity were like i do contemplate suicide . Why would a just God do that? if it’s spiritual it’s evil, ??? Sorry no disrespect to your believes!


    • Hi Martin. Some people have voices that are helpful. That are not there all the time, but come in occasionally and give them support and great advice. Voice hearers have many and varied explanations as to the source of their voices. Spiritual, means , relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. This can be done by many things, such as uplifting music, walking in nature, reading the bible for some, chanting a mantra for others. It may be that you experience spiritual voices as evil, But many experience them as helpful. Many christian saints, such as Teresa of Avila and Padre Pio, heard both good and evil voices. Part of their journey and that of many voice hearers, is learning discernment. Which voices to pay attention to and which ones need to be challenged and dealt with in a way that makes the voice hearer feel safe and in control. Hope that makes sense to you?


  2. Hi……please help…….i am earing lot of human voices…..now-a-days……………i can’t explain but if i say it any one they will laugh at me of asked me to go to ENT specialist.

    But a lot of human voices which is sourrounding me and i am not able to stop it.

    Pls help me out with a solution.

    My contact number +91-07675865408.

    It seems the voices have separate world like a movie.I am sourounded with that world.

    Pls help me out or else i am sure i can’t control it and i am going to die soon.


    • It can be difficult at times. What country are you in? if you look at http://www.intervoiceonline.org website they have a list of international organisations. There may be one in your country?
      They also have a facebook page, where you can contact others that may be in your country for support.

      It can be very frightening at first. There is no quick reply to your question. Known triggers are lack of sleep, drugs and alcohol, trauma, stress, isolation. Is there someone you trust, who you can ask for support if you are feeling overwhelmed?

      Some good resources available online, look at the Icarus project Crisis page http://theicarusproject.net/node/25274

      The facebook pages are a great way to access advice from other voice hearers , Intervoice site also directs you to a voice hearers forum where you can talk to others. Initially it can be frightening. Voices are often linked to your emotions, so rather than focusing on getting rid of the voices, focus on things that make you feel calm and relaxed. The voices cannot hurt you, only your reactions to them.
      make a list e,g, Take a walk in nature, deep breathing exercises, or muscle relaxing, talk to a trusted family member or friend. Eat healthy food, no alcohol or drugs.

      Read as much as you can about them on the Hearing Voices Networks pages and Intervoice. watch some of the Intervoice/ hearing voices network videos on youtube.

      You may think you have no control over them, but often you can control them, or learn to. Start a journal. Note when they are bad, what had you been doing, eating, feeling. When the voices step back or are more relaxed, what had you been doing. Start building a list for yourself.

      Look at he Coping strategies on our website, and start trying them. Multiple times until you find ones that work for you. http://www.hearingvoices.org.nz/index.php/helpful-pamphlets-and-information-sheets/90-coping-strategies-chart


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