Voice hearers experience of Neurolink

This is an email I received last year, and I thought I had posted it here. But doesnt look like it. We like to share what other voice hearers find helpful.

I have spoken to you a couple of times over the past few years in regards to my husband who has been a voice hearer for as long as he can remember. As discussed in the past he hears very aggressive negative voices.

I wanted to let you know the very interesting journey we have been down this year…..

In June he had a sudden onset of a severe pain in the back of his head that was so intense we ended up at hospital with him getting CT scans and lumbar puncture to screen for a brain tumour. The tests came back negative and he was just given pain killers and basically told to see how it goes. This pain in his head did not leave for 5 months solid. In that time he was seen by Rheumatologist (given steroid shots in his skull) to no avail. Then he saw a Neurologist who said it was a chronic nerve pain called occipital neuralgia. This pain never left in five months and left all the specialists and osteopaths scratching their heads. The last thing we got told was that maybe his depression was causing pain so to take a high dose anti depressant  !!!!  Honestly !?! how insulting !

 After this pain wearing him down for such a long time in desperation we decided to try a few new things ……A friend of ours was telling us amazing results that her and her friends had had at a place called Neurolink in Greenlane.

So with nothing much to lose we gave it a go ……here’s the best part …..he left there with his headache completely gone ….and even more amazing than that ….he left there with no voices !!!!!!! he told me this a week after the treatment because he couldn’t quite believe it ! They have been gone ever since he had treatment, which is now a couple of months!

 This was just amazing because his voices are with him all day every day running a constant commentary on his daily life and activities!

Neurolink is a technique to reconnect neural path ways that have been disrupted. The treatment is completely gentle an non invasive with a series of muscles tests and tapping technique

I thought I would let you know as this has been an amazing experience and We want to share this experience with others. We told the Neurolink practitioner about his voices whilst we were there.

 We are happy for you to pass this info on if you wanted to

 They have a website you may want to check out    


 Take care

 We are always happy to share what works and what doesnt.


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