one in five children in Ireland hears voices

Perspective is an interesting thing isnt’t it.
When I read the headline, 1 in 5 children in Ireland hear voices, I thought, well there you go, if the numbers are that high, it proves that it is a common variation of human experience, rather than an exception.
Yet when I read the article, which instead is alarmed that so many children may be mentally ill.
The question that begs to be answered, is what percentage does there need to be of people hearing voices before it is accepted as a common human experience? 50 %?  80 %? 100 %?

2 thoughts on “one in five children in Ireland hears voices

  1. probably not going to be popular when i say 1 in 5 is still the exception, because 4 don’t hear voices, also are the stats for other countries similar. Until we know the cause how can we say anything about normal?. I hear what this website is trying to do, but sometimes this smile when your heart is breaking mentality wears a little thin when there is a voice behind you threatening your very exsistence….I mean what if we got to the other side and realized all these years we had been believing in a load of BS, wouldn’t we feel just a little bit foolish…Please believe me when i say i don’t wish any disrespect to the author..



    • Hi Martin , Thanks for your comments. I am not saying that hearing voices is easy. And yes often the voices can be very derogatory and say negative things. But what doesnt help is the stigma attached to hearing voices, and the way people become frightened of a person if they hear voices. If hearing voices was accepted as a way that some people perceive the world, then perhaps, just perhaps, they may receive more support and encouragement from family and friends.
      Research has shown that often there is an emotional link between the voices and the voice hearer, albeit in a metaphorical way. If a person is surrounded by people who believe that hearing voices is evil, is a terrible experience, is something that should be hidden, that someone should be ashamed of, then it is no wonder that a person becomes introverted, ashamed, and feels bad for what they are experiencing.

      We need to get rid of the fear around the experience, so people can stand up to their bad voices. Voices who tell them they are useless, just as society portrays the image of voice hearers as useless ill people.
      The voices usually have some meaning in our lives, they may relate to our past, our present, our future, or our emotions. We need to learn how they are talking to us, and how we can navigate them to lead us to a peaceful resolution with our voices, and our lives inside and out.


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