Ron Coleman on Radio Live – The Nutters Club Sunday 29th May 8pm to 10pm

Ron Coleman from UK, one of the driving forces of Intervoice and The Hearing Voices Network UK, is arriving in New Zealand this week. He will be on Radio Live this Sunday Night with Mike King on the Nutters show.

You can tune in  Auckland on 100.6FM, and is at different numbers on the dial all over New Zealand. You can see where at the bottom of their website.

Here is the link to their website. You can listen live online here as well
I also noticed that they have a podcast of an  interview there also with Suzie Crook. called “blessed with Schizophrenia”. I havent listened to it yet.
But have heard her speak at a workshop once, and she was excellent.
Her first words in the interview are ” I have suffered from my mental health treatment, but I have never suffered from my schizophrenia,”

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