An Excerpt from the Life and Times of Patuone by C O Davis

I would like to share an excerpt from the above book. As it is well attested in many books and journals that the Maori people experienced and interacted with other worlds, heard voices of the deceased and other beings. Yet in the Colonisation of New Zealand, to have such experiences now is to be considered in some cases by others delusional, fantastical, and the signs of the unwell.

Yet the Maori who told of experiences were not unwell, but extremely intelligent, well spoken and articulated people.  Because another people do not have such experiences it does not mean that it is not possible, or that it is false. It means just that they do not have the same experience of the world.

Here is an excerpt

Patuones grandmother Ripia. had a child still born to whom was given the name Te Tuhi. He frequently troubled his parents and other members of the tribe, appearing to them sometimes in the form of an apparition, and sometimes transforming himself into a lizard. He came clothed with the marvellous influence which beings in the world of spirits are supposed to possess. His visitations caused great dismay, and may members of the tribe fell victim to his power. This appearance of Te Tuhi to the Tapua family created much uneasiness as did the strange appearance to the Wesley family as recorded by their biographers [ Every biographer of this family, says Dr Smith in his history of Wesleyan Methodism, “has mentioned the strange noises heard in the parsonage homes at Epworth.”] which some suggested was a message of Satan sent to buffet John Wesley’s father. Tapua in his priestly capacity, offered prayers, and various incantations and divinations were resorted to in the hope of laying the troublesome spirit. It is averred that Patuone was urged again and again by the restless spirit, to become the medium of communication between the beings of the two worlds, and though the  Modern spiritualists would doubtless have yielded with avidity to the solicitations of the persistent medium seeker, no amount of persuasion would induce Patuone to accept the honour,- if it be an honour,- of holding converse with departed spirits, and, in process of time Te Tuhi discontinued his troublesome propensity of visiting earthly friends.”

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