Seminar on Cultural Perspectives has a fourth speaker!

I am delighted to say that we now have four speakers for our Seminar Cultural Perspectives & Considerations on June 26th 1 to 4pm.

Whitiki Maurea MOKO Maori Mental Health & Te Atea Marino Maori Regional Addictions Services will be represented by Timoti George who has had over 40 years experience in the field as a Clinician, Kaiako, Director and Manager.

” For Maori, senses that are triggered in the absence of stimuli is considered a common and normal phenomena. It is not seen as an abnormal state but instead as an indication of that individuals level of connectedness to their ancestors or those who have passed on or are in the process of returning home. Central to this is the Maori belief that they are ‘Spiritual Beings’ having a human experience”

 I attended a group only this week where Timoti George was speaking and enjoyed it very much. He is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience on this topic from which he draws from. I am looking forward to hearing his presentation next weekend. The spaces are filling up fast, so if you are thinking of coming you had better book quickly.

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