Surviving Psychosis- Blog by Ian Sparrowhawk as published in ISPS journal

There is a great article by Ian Sparrowhawk on his own experiences published in the ISPS journal, that was sent out to all members after the conference in Wellington this year. You can see that article and other great stuff on his website called Surviving Psychosis here.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Psychosis- Blog by Ian Sparrowhawk as published in ISPS journal

  1. Hi folks!

    Thanks for the link to my site. I think quite a few of my principles are consistent with yours.

    Your link is slightly wrong though – dead end!

    this should work:

    Working with unusual ideas in a way which is humane, tolerant and patient is something I first picked up over the radio from Rufus May at a critical moment in my recovery! Respect and thanks to Rufus.

    Another key influence on my writing has been the learning from taoist philosophy and applied tai chi principles.

    This ISPS article draws together both traditions, which are compatible in that they are gentle and not trying to dominate mind, illness or world.

    Healing through a spirit of compassion, hope, respecting ideas, and giving breathing space – Not purging, constricting, attacking, or eradicating parts of the self and mind.

    There will be a major new article on the experience of madness itself posted on the site in July which may be of interest to you also.




  2. Thanks Ian. I have corrected the link and all should be fine now. We look forward to seeing the new article in July.


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