Britney Spears hearing voices. New Weekly Magazine Feb 16 2009

An excerpt from the above magazine article pg 10 called “BRIT’S SECRET DIARIES EXPOSED”

Britney Spears has found herself in the middle of yet another crisis after her personal diaries were stolen and details of her private life exposed. The handwritten journals and video diaries that disappeared from her Berverley Hills Home contain never before revealed details of the singers fragile mental state in the lead-up to her hospitilisation.

  “Britney writes that shes heard voices for years”, says another insider. “She still hears them, and they tell her to run away and hide. She can’t get them out of her head.”

The diaries also reveal that the real reason behind Brit’s shocking head-shaving incident after she checked out of a rehab facility in February 2007.

“She beleived someone had planted an electronic bug in her hair and couldnt think of a way to get rid of it except to have her head shaved!” says the insider.

“She confides that she was out of her head at the time and was suffering from delusions.”

end of excerpt.

I think the above just indicates the strength of Britney Spears to pick herself back up, and pull her life back together. Hearing  of voices can be experienced by anybody rich or poor, young or old. With the right support and advice,  we can learn to control the voices and integrate them into a meaningful life. 

May Britney succeed with hers.

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