An Evening with Professor Richard Bentall


Te Reo Orooro

Providing support and information for hearing voices, tactile sensations and other sensory experiences


Are pleased to invite you to an evening with


Professor Richard P. Bentall




Professor of Clinical Psychology


Esteemed Author 

“Is madness purely a medical condition that can be treated with drugs? Is there really a clear dividing line between mental health and mental illness – or is it not so easy to classify who is sane and who is insane?

In Madness Explained leading clinical psychologist Richard Bentall shatters the modern myths that surround psychosis. This groundbreaking work argues that we cannot define madness as an illness to be cured like any other; that labels such as ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘manic depression’ are meaningless, based on nineteenth-century classifications; and that experiences such as delusions and hearing voices are in fact exaggerations of the mental foibles to which we are all vulnerable.
We need, Bentall argues, a radically new way of thinking about psychiatric problems – one that does not reduce madness to brain chemistry, but understands and accepts it as part of human nature.” Excerpt from Penguin Books



When: 7.30 – 9PM Thursday 19th March 2009

Where: 215 Wairau Rd, Glenfield, Auckland , New Zealand

Entry: Free. We appreciate any donations to help support our work.

All are welcome.Voice hearers, Family, Health Professionals, Concerned Citizens.

Please Bring a plate so we can share supper and

interesting conversation afterwards.

Bookings: Please let us know if you are coming!  

Contact: Adrienne at 0211024151 or email:




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